Andreas Petikas A.E.B.E. - Greek Meat Products
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The company is settled in Thessaloniki, in the airport area. Its privately owned facilities mount to approximate 1200m2, consisting of raw material storerooms, products’ refrigerators, production and sales departments and offices.

The mechanical equipment of meat processing is continually up-grated, in order to update the production methods, replenish the products’ mix and advance the quality level. Its operation is now more effective, due to its connection with the company’s ERP system, ensuring the constant inspection and control of all procedures.

The company applies a total management system for all liquid and solid waste. Biological treatment is carried out for the waste water of the production line, while the animal by-products are sent to authorized establishments to be treated according to EU legislation. Recently our company has proceeded in the disposal and recycling of all packaging materials (paper, plastic), via co-operation with local recycling facilities.

With respect to the environment and its protection, in 2011 a photovoltaic station was installed on the roof of the company’s building in Thermi Thessaloniki. The connection was successful and the station has started operating, contributing to the decrease of carbon dioxide release in the atmosphere.