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Quality in production

The meat received, after being closely examined, is preserved under low temperatures which are automatically recorded continuously, resulting in the entire inspection of the cold storage conditions. Trained personnel processes raw materials in processing halls structured in compliance with EU regulations, under strict hygiene conditions and following methods which guarantee high quality. Cutting, deboning, standardization and packaging are performed with contemporary means and techniques, which are continually updated. Meat preparations are produced in a specially equipped department, where knowledge and zest contribute to the creation of products with unique taste and excellent quality.

Quality in control

The quality control section, staffed by food scientists, ensures the production of high hygiene and quality goods by systematic controls of all processing stages. Controls begin at raw material receiving and are conducted during the whole processing procedure till the last stages of shipping and delivery of goods. The company implements strict traceability for all incoming materials, intermediate and final products, “from the field to the table”. Records are kept for each material received and each article produced, consisting of all the information required by Greek and European legislation. Thereby, we can easily trace our products both ways, forwards and backwards, at any time.

Quality in Service

Andreas Petikas S.A.C.I. long experience, dynamic presence and intense activity in Northern Greece established it as one of the most remarkable representatives in its domain. Through the efficient organization of production and distribution, the company is able to respond promptly and responsibly to any order and accord, even the highest request for improved products and excellent service. Collaboration with Andreas Petikas S.A.C.I. is the right choice for quality and reliable business.



Andreas Petikas SACI is regarding its food safety policy as an integral part of its general operational policy.

Food Safety Policy is determined by the company’s management and the main targets are:

  • The production of safe products, that comply with certain standards and demands

  • The total satisfaction of the demands of pork, beef and meat preparations’ market, taking into account all the necessary financial elements

  • The fulfillment of the expectations and needs of our clients, thereby gaining their trust

  • The maintenance and continuation of the company’s good fame

  • The optimal execution of all orders and the production of safe and legal products to the specified quality

  • The implementation of the occupational health and safety legislation, thereby ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all employees

  • The availability of adequate resources (people, equipment, lay-out) for the production of safe food

  • The compliance with food safety legislation

  • The co-operation with all bodies involved, in order to secure the production of safe foods

  • The commitment to communicate within the food chain about food safety matters

  • The elimination of any incident related to food safety and the upgrade of quality, as part of the continuous improvement in all sectors

  • The enforcement of adequate quality control systems for the surveillance of the production and the continuous checks on incoming materials and final products, to ensure the highest effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System and the continuous quality and products’ improvement.

  • The total awareness and regular updating on food safety matters

  • The constant effort to prevent hazards regarding our products and the assignment and effective implementation of all necessary corrective actions, aiming at the total compliance of the Food Safety Management System with the standard’s requirements.

The company is especially occupied with the implementation, comprehension and fulfillment of the Food Safety Policy in all the sectors.

To implement the Food Safety Policy, Andreas Petikas SACI has chosen and is maintaining a Food Safety Management System according to the standard’s ISO 22000:2005 requirements.


Food Safety Policy

All our products originate from pure high-quality raw materials.